Thursday, September 3, 2009

Whatcha Been Working On...

Flash back 3 years ago to see what the front of the house looked like when we first bought it (I'll try not to get sick)... Take a closer look at the old weathered wooden jalousies under the windows...One of Nick's first projects this past week was to replace them. They were too worn and deteriorated to sand down and stain them, so Nick went and bought some wood and made some custom cuts to fit the new hardware. This skill of his saved us HUNDREDS of dollars. Yay Nick.

And... since my mom was still here, he wasn't shy about putting her to work. And she was more than willing to help out!

Mom's lovely staining skillz! (Thanks Mom!)
While we waited for the stain to dry that night, Mom, Nick and I sat out on the back lanai and had a great time talking.

We also had the pleasure of watching a mutated Frog/Toad/Lizard CRAWL across our yard with his 4 legs. I thought frogs hopped, but not this one. He literally CRAWLED. It was quite freaky. Nick was brave enough to get close enough to take some pictures of this freak of nature.

Anyways... here are some pictures of the results.

And from the inside... they look a little red in the picture, but they match the floor and the blinds quite nicely!
Moments before this picture was taken, Addison took off out the front door, through the garage, down the driveway and then took a spill right on the sidewalk. That's what happens when you run from Mommy!!! Lucky for her, she was running with her baby dolls. They saved her face from the impact of the concrete, and probably a few teeth from being knocked out too!


Jim and Julie Turner said...

You guys need to be on one of those home make-over shows! AWESOME job everybody! And Addi and her stunt dolls!! HA! Poor babies!!! (all three) Seriously though, glad she's ok! Can't wait to see you guys!

Ladners'Latest said...

I remember when the house looked like that! You guys have done AMAZING work on it and it looks great inside and out! Don't you want to stay in it a little longer?...say 18 months :)