Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hail & Farewell

This past week has been super busy. We had a squadron event called a Hail & Farewell where the squadron says "Goodbye" to the families who are leaving and "Hello" to the new families coming into the squadron.

The XO and his wife (my friend Kim, and mother of Little Richie) hosted the event at their beautiful Kailua home. Here are some members of the squadron gathering for the CO's speech.
We were the first family they said "Farewell" to. They joked at the number of kids we had... the other half of our clan (the girls) were running around elsewhere.

After the CO made his remarks, Nick was able to say a few words about how much he has enjoyed being a part of such an amazing squadron. I tried my best to hold back tears.
We have been in Hawaii for nearly 6 years now and most of that with the Ugly Angel family. We have made the most amazing friends, and I can't imagine what it will be like once we move on to Virginia in just a few short weeks from now.

We also said "Goodbye" to the Rashman's who flew out yesterday on their way to North Carolina. Zach is going to be an instructor at HMT-302, the training squadron for the 53 helicopters. We will miss them!!! But we will definitely run into them along the East Coast at some point!
The XO and his wife are leaving and headed to Korea. His wife Kim is so brave! I don't know that I could handle going any further away from "home" then Hawaii. I'm as far away as I'd like to be. What a great experience that most will never get to do, though!

We also said "Goodbye" to the CO. He and his family are headed to Okinawa to be the 1stMAW G1 (Don't ask me what that is) We have all enjoyed his wife. She has been a lot of fun this deployment and the last 18 months as the CO's wife.

Here is Tyler sporting his Ugly Angel onesie (handed down from Addison)

"My Daddy May Be Ugly, But I'm A Cutie"
Julie, Me & Alaina writing our love notes to the wives who are leaving the squadron! The spouses got a beautiful coffee table book about the Hawaiian Islands. I will cherish mine with all the sweet messages from my fellow "Ugly" spouses!
We should be out of here in about 6 weeks!!! So much to do, and so little time. I know the last few weeks here will fly so quickly! I'm very excited to be moving to Virginia, and starting a new chapter in our lives... but will really miss living in Hawaii.


Jim and Julie Turner said...

OMG - this was even hard for me to read!! (get the kleenex). How hard this must be for you guys. It takes special people to live the honorable lives you lead... Hugs to you all!!

Ladners'Latest said...

Ok I just cried!