Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 2 of McKenzie's Party

This morning Nick got up first thing and picked up the bouncy waterslide on the base and got it running by 9am.  The girls (along with Trevor) were busting their moves on the slide at 9:01am.

Poor Jessica had to garbage sack her arm.... which she just got a cast on yesterday. But that didn't stop her.  We only had to rewrap and blowdry her arm a few times! Whoops.

Tiani & McKenzie catching some air

McKenzie doing something no one else can...

Alaina and Andrew made it over after lunch and the girls 'made' she and I get our suits on and join in on the fun.  I missed out on all the fun a few weeks ago when we had the bouncy water slide for Trevor's birthday.  So how could I resist?!?!
Alaina went down with me on my first trip...

Then McKenzie had to show me the ropes...

THEN.... I was brave enough to go it alone
(I'll call this the Pterodactyl)

Our audience:

McKenzie and her friends bounced from 9am until nearly 7pm.  Only stopping to eat pizza and drink lots of Mountain Dew. How some of those growing girls can pack away 4 slices of Papa Johns Pizza and a can of soda and then immediately continue to the crazy bouncing of the water slide without bringing up their pizza is beyond me. But they managed to keep it all down.

Tonight, Kenzie is a bit sun-kissed and EX-HAUSTED.  And so is her mama.