Sunday, September 13, 2009

Busy cake weekend...

We've had a busy weekend so far.

Yesterday we went to Wyatt's 2nd birthday party! He had a Thomas the Tank Engine themed party.  I made the cake and we had a super fabulous time!

Once we got home, it was time to start on my next cake for this weekend.  It was a baby shower cake and the gal that ordered it sent me a picture of what she wanted. I was so excited to make it! Presenting... Baby Rump Cake:

The Ladners' came over for some Iowa Pork Chops and a few rounds of Rock Band COUNTRY after the birthday party and we had a blast.  I've never decorated cakes with such great entertainment in the background before. It was awesome!

Tomorrow is the Ugly Angel Change of Command.  We are getting a new CO, so the change of command is the official ceremony where they switch out commanding officers.  I am making the cake for that as well.  I will post the picture of that once its done.  Can't wait!


Jim and Julie Turner said...

OMG- How ADORABLE are those?!! Talent, PURE TALENT!!

Ladners'Latest said...

Aww, I was hoping for a sneak preview of the change of command cake. ;) Thanks again for letting us crash your house! It was fun.

Sara G said...

I love the Thomas cake....if Tyler is still into Thomas when you guys get here (I am sure he will be), I will be ordering one for his 3rd birthday!!! When do you leave Hawaii? Need any help, let me know!