Monday, September 7, 2009

Daddy's Little Helpers

Today was a successful work day for Nick.  He had lots of helpers today.Yesterday he started working on trimming out the entire house.  He hadn't been able to finish that since we've put in the new flooring last summer.  He did have a couple bedrooms started... but got a lot more done yesterday.  Today, he got ALL but the living room done!!! 
It helps that he had a daughter who enjoyed caulking the nail holes and top seams.  And, it helped HER that she had a paper towel assistant to help wipe up any extra spills.

Another little helper, who may not have been quite so productive:
She got ahold of a roller and was going all over the house "painting" the walls, floors, toys, chairs, you name it. She was very proud of her work. (Thank goodness there was nothing actually on the roller, or Daddy's To-Do list would have gotten a lot longer.)

A quick peak for the camera during some closet work. And NO, Trevor does NOT have 3 legs. Kenzie is in there too!!!

I got to sneak in a little nap, and this is what happens when mommy is asleep, and Daddy is in charge:
Even the dog got in on the 'fun'.

And here is a peak of Tyler... who at this moment actually sat in the swing.  Most of today he has been fussing and demanded to be held by mommy.
He looks so cute and innocent in this shot though, huh? (Did I mention he was cute?!)


Ladners'Latest said...

The trim looks great! Glad you got to sneak a nap...awesome! And yes, tyler looks totally adorable in that pic!

Jim and Julie Turner said...

Way to go everybody! Quite the home-improvement teamwork going on over there! Mighty impressive, I must say! LOVED the pics of the kids helping, and of course the little guy with is oh-so-cute-chubby-cheeks!!