Saturday, September 19, 2009

McKenzie's Farewell/Early Birthday Party

McKenzie wanted to have one last hoorah with her friends before we leave the island. Especially since we will be leaving just before her birthday. Nick promised her an early birthday party, so she decided she wanted to have some girlfriends over for a sleepover.

Nick was brave enough to take them all out to eat (with Trevor) to the Officer's Club on base for Mongolian BBQ.  Then from there, they headed down the road to Tiki Island for miniature golf and bumper boats.

Nick sent me pictures throughout the evening from his cell phone.  I stayed home with Addison and Tyler. 

McKenzie was nice enough to let Trevor come along for the night.  All her little friends just adore him, and you KNOW he loves their attention.  

Nick survived the evening and the girls are still going strong now at 10:20PM.  As I'm typing, I hear the constant giggle of 4 6th graders back in her bedroom. I think it's going to be a LONG night.

Tomorrow is a full day of bouncy house water slide.... oh yeah.  There will be more pictures tomorrow!

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