Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back to the doctor

We got the okay to be seen out in town now for medical care (and not on base). AMEN!

So I took Addison and Trevor to the doctor to follow up on their ear infections/allergies. Trevor got the all clear. (Just has a little residual fluid in his ear that will hopefully dry out with some over the counter meds.)

Addison, however, still had an ear infection and I talked to the doctor about new medication options for her 'allergies'. The ones the previous doc had her on weren't helping much.

So, with new allergy meds and stronger antibiotics, I'm hoping to get Addison back on her feet. If these new medications don't help her improve, we'll be seeing an ENT soon and most likely the OR in December when she turns 3 to get her tonsils out.

*And thinking about that just makes me cringe. Especially since she won't even stand on the scale at the clinic without having a complete traumatic meltdown. Which leads to me holding a screaming kicking 2 year old on the scale, then laying her on the ground (still screaming and kicking) while I weigh myself and subtract! Ugh! And can I just say that she weighed EXACTLY what I told the nurse she weighed 3 weeks ago when we were at the doctor last, after going through the same thing...


Surgery. Will. Not. Be. Fun.

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