Monday, March 29, 2010

Funny Outtakes...

As if it wasn't hard enough JUST to get Addison to look at me... try getting 2 little ones to look AND have a smile, or at least a cute expression....

This one just didn't work.

Honestly, I think Tyler was getting annoyed with Addison PURPOSEFULLY NOT looking at the camera.
This little guy is such a ham. When Trevor's personality started showing, we thought he was so funny, and oh how we laughed at the cute little things he did and said. We thought we had a little comedian on our hands (well, we still do) BUT, when our sweet little Addison came along. Sorry Trevor, but her sense of humor and comedian skills blew you out of the water. And just when we thought no one could top Addison... I don't know. We think Tyler might give her a run for her money. Only 8 months old and he's starting to show us that he KNOWS he is a funny man!
Addison thought it was only fair if we took some pictures with HER on TYLER'S LAP. But as you can see by his expression, he wasn't havin' it.
So then Addison thought she would take 5 and teach him patty cakes.
Not sure what part of patty cake this is... but it made him laugh!

Roll it, and pat it... and shove it in your mouth...
Tyler's face is just priceless.
This is Addison leaping at me, wanting to see her previous picture on the camera display screen.
Totally cheesin' it.
He is 8 months!!! I KNOW! Where has the time gone!?!?! He just sprouted tooth #5 so he has two little teeth on the bottom, his two front top teeth, and one next to those.

He's sitting up on his own, rolling all over and spinning on his belly in all directions. He hasn't quite mastered the crawling yet but tends to backward scoot unintentionally. I feel like he isn't quite where he should be as far as mobility just because he had such bad reflux that I could never give him the tummy time he needed to build up his strength. He just ended up spitting up all his stomach contents. Poor baby. Thank goodness all that mess is over! Yay!

AND, in the last couple days, despite my repetitive "mommy" brainwashing... Tyler now has arguments with me.

Me: Ma-Ma... Ma-Ma
Tyler: Da Da Da Da
Me: No, Ma MMmmmma MMMMma
Tyler: (grinning) Da Da Da Da DAAAAAAAAAAA

Then just pretty much repeat that a few hundred times and add some giggles and grins because Tyler knows he's being silly. But no matter how many times I do it. Or what he is mumbling at the time. Whenever I throw out a mama.... he responds with dada. And I'm sure you know who just LOVES THAT ONE!!!!! But thats okay. Whatever makes them happy!

He also has learned to growl and zerbert. So we also have growling conversations. But no zerbert-ing contests. (zerberting = raspberries)

And on a sad note. With teeth, comes biting (and just a general loss of interest), he's 100% bottle fed now. Which equals 10x more poopy diapers. Ick. And I know you all are having a much better day now knowing that little detail! hee hee

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thanks for the updates. I love hearing what the kiddos are doing.