Saturday, March 6, 2010


Nick and I are starting a new workout regiment. You may have heard of it.... a frequent info-mercial on t.v. that you may have seen late at night while you are eating a bowl or ice cream, or snacking on cupcakes...(ok maybe that is just me)... P90X.

It's a combo of weights, cardio, stretching, kick boxing, yoga, etc and diet. We just completed day 4. Yeah I know, woo hoo, only 86 days left! Our legs are sore, our arms are sore, and WE WANT FOOD!!!! Oh yeah, and we cry when going up stairs, or getting out of the car, or when someone (Addison) digs her boney elbows into our pecs.... BUT! We are determined to give it a shot. It's 90 days. 6 days a week with one day off or stretching.... and a strict diet. So far we have both been very good about the eating portion of it.

Tonight was yoga. I was acually thinking it would be nice and relaxing with lots of stretching and the like. Ha! We were falling all over the place all imbalanced and trying to hold some sort of TREE pose for a full minute. We were in UPRIGHT DOG pose about 2,000 times and about 30 minutes into the workout, I wanted to "shoot" that d@$% dog. It was also a bit awkward to be in the frog pose when McKenzie and her friend come walking in... "Hi honey!"

And 3 times a week, after our workout, we have to do a 'quick' additional 20 minute workout called AB RIPPER... and yes, it's as painful as it sounds.

Before we started we had to measure just about every part of our body and do calculations... I'll try to figure out how to post our progess on here. I think that will help motivate us, knowing that others will be watching to see our numbers go down/or up?! So standby!

*And go figure, day one, our Girl Scout cookies get delivered. Poo... they are now buried DEEP in our freezer! *sniff sniff* Okay, I'm going to go hobble upstairs and go to bed now and dream about chocolate.



Anonymous said...

Good for y'all for trying this workout! I have yet to exercise since we left HI. Need to change that!

Julie S.

Sara Bark said...

HILARIOUS!! How did you like the baby position where you grab your ankles and rock back and forth. Travis laughed and laughed at me. You'll definitely notice the difference soon!

Ladners'Latest said...

Keep up the good work! Drew and I are anxious to see your awesome results. I think he wants to give it a try, but I'm good with letting Bob kick my butt on my biggest loser workout for now! ;)

Melissa said...

Wow! Good for you!! I wish I had the willpower to do 90 days! I think I would go hardcore for a week and then give in and binge on chocolate. I don't know how you've managed to bypass the Girl Scout cookies though! They are one of my weaknesses!!

Good luck!!