Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hellooooo Gorgeous {weather}

It's hit 70 degrees today! And, it should be 75 all weekend!! It's fabulous, I love it! And so do the kids! They have been outside since they came home from school.

Yesterday, I left to go get some groceries, and when I came home, Nick had hung the hammock AND the baby swing AND Tyler was already in it, AND sleeping, while Nick lounged in the sun.
With the snow gone, and the sun out, the flowers are starting to pop up, and we are seeing lots of green stuff! Addison and I cleaned up the flower beds (well, not the one pictured below). I have lots of leaves to clear out of the one you see here:
I've got daffodils...
and tons of tulips on the way, as well as several other unknown bushes/flowers. I'd list them but I have no idea what they are...

Here is Tyler after his nap in the swing.


Anonymous said...

Bring on the Spring!! The weather has been great, but next week it will be cooler:( I have some blue/purple flowers coming up in our front flowerbed. Don't know what they are either. Enjoy the next few days!

Julie S.

Ladners'Latest said...

Enjoy your weather! I love your daffodils! (my mom will probably comment on them too) :)