Sunday, March 14, 2010

Zum Rheingarten

Nick took me out to dinner Friday night to Zum Rheingarten. It's a cute little German restaurant just outside the back gate.When he called for reservations, he mentioned it was my birthday, so when we sat down at our table by the fireplace... there was a cute little message for me on a plate!

"Happy Birthday Kim"
We ordered a fruit and cheese appetizer to go with our wine. YUM! Which by the way, we now have a new favorite wine!!! See below.The food was so good we dug right in and forgot to take pictures of our entrees. Oops! Afterward, they even brought me a piece of white cake with homemade whipped topping and crunchy pecans with a yummy raspberry sauce. Oh yes, they sang too! The cake was so light it was like we weren't even eating anything. O....M.....G! (shhh don't tell P90X)
And here is the wine we had.
(Yes, the bottle is empty!) I may just be buying a crate of this stuff!

After dinner we went to see the movie Green Zone. Very action packed. It was fun to have a nice evening together without the little ones! We decided we needed to go out together more often!


Ladners'Latest said...

Kim you look gorgeous! And I'm with you on that "more date nights" stuff!

Melissa said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! Yes, it's well over a week late, but better late than never! ;) You look fabulous on your date!