Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Long Beautiful Day of Warm Sun... & Crazy Eyebrows

Guess who just sprouted his 3rd tooth? And guess who ALSO isn't sleeping very well at night because of that... (which also means Mommy doesn't sleep much either!) But how can you be upset with a face like this?
Daddy trying to show off the new tooth.

This is what happens when Daddy comes home. The kids attack him, and then on this day, they started to attach each other ON Daddy.

Gotta love snuggle time with Daddy.
Yesterday was GORGEOUS with a capital "G"! The temperature flew up to the mid 60's! So the kids had a picnic outside on the deck at lunchtime. I had to rearrange everyone soon after this picture because the sun was in their eyes...
Tyler even got to eat outside too in his highchair!
And then the rest of the day was spent outside playing hard. So that meant, by bedtime, we had some pretty grubby kids.... who ALL needed baths. Now that Tyler sits up pretty well on his own, he has joined the bathtub party. It's a full tub, but makes it easy to bathe them all at once! And they all have fun together, sometimes too much fun. Last night they had an eyebrow party.


Anonymous said...

The Turner's from Nebraska, (Columbus area) wish Kim a happy birthday tomorrow. Hopefully my brother does not forget.

Phil, Becky, Zackary, and Alyssa!

Anonymous said...

Love the new layout and pics! And yesterday was beautiful and warm...come on Spring!

Julie S.

Ladners'Latest said...

Too cute! Glad it's warming up for you. Andrew and I hit the Lagoons today and when we drove up he said "Hey...Trevor came here with us!" So he's still missing you guys too!