Thursday, July 7, 2011

5th and Final Day in NYC

On our last half day in NYC... we decided to walk around Time Square... and then walk to Hello Deli for real this time!  It was our last opportunity to get our souvenirs. But every morning should start off with a good breakfast... from Starbucks!

The Travel Channel is doing a new show with sand sculptures.  They dumped a huge pile of sand in the middle of Time Square and we watched these people create an amazing sculpture in just a few hours. It was military themed in honor of fleet week... and it was beautiful!

We finally found Hello Deli.. but it was closed.
Here we are standing outside !

And just around the corner is The Late Show with David Letterman!  It'a s really beautiful building!

Walking back to our hotel, we happened to come across another yummy cupcake bakery! Crumbs!  Since it was early, I got a sample pack to go!

These actually made it home to Virginia and the kids got to help sample these!!
All packed up and ready to fly home.... just waiting in the lobby of our hotel... building up the nerve to call a taxi for the long ride to the airport!

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