Monday, July 25, 2011

Wilson Family Pictures 2011

 Here is our entire family all together for the week!
You can count if you like, but I believe there were 38 of us!

Here are my parents, and siblings with their families and my Grandpa!

Here are the grandchildren with Grandpa!

Here are the GREAT grandchildren!

My Dad, Aunt Ginny, Grandpa, Uncle Merle & Uncle Keith

Quite the pair these two.... Avery & Addison

We pretty much take over the resort when we are there!
 From this point on.... Addison took over the camera and went around to everyone telling them how to pose.... surprisingly most of them were quite photogenic and cooperative! LOL

Here is what the back of our t-shirts read:
*DISCLAIMER: They were supposed to read "We're not here for a long time, we're here for a good time" from George Strait's song. Oh well.

Me and my Grandpa! LOVE HIM!

My sisters and Grandpa (and Tyler who refused to let me put him down)

My brother in law Jeromy and my niece Hannah.
 My favorite photo... Aunt Ginny... again Addison was in control here.

Hannah & Trevor

My parents.  


Trevor with his super awesome mom  (that's me)!
 We had way too much fun with this!

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