Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 4 NYC

Our 4th day in New York started off in Central Park... on bikes! We rented some bikes and rode through the trails in the park.. so much fun... and it was hot!

I don't have any good pictures of us actually riding... but I promise you we didn't push our bikes the entire time!

After our stroll in the park, we walked around and then headed to the Museum of Natural History, on our way, we popped into the Magnolia Bakery.
Here was the before... well, AFTER we devoured the first cupcake. Oops!
And just a short time later...
Meridith pointing to the remains of her favorite cupcake....
After a quick walk through the museum, we caught a taxi to Serendipity's.  Where we opted to NOT wait out the 2+ hour wait (we really just wanted to try the famous frozen hot chocolates) So we grabbed some Frozen Hot Chocolate mixes and we went on to Dylan's Candy Bar.... can you see a theme for today?
Can you say 2 enormous levels (actually I think it's 3) of never ending rows and rows of every candy you could ever imagine!!!
I'll just say I came out of there with way too much sugar!
We walked down to FAO Swarz to check out the toys!!!

There was a line to see the giant piano.... that will cost you $250,000 to take home!  It was the big piano that you see in the movie "Big". The room was packed and the line was too long to take a turn... but you can just imagine the show we could have put on... am I right?
Our last mission that day was to go seek out Hello Deli.. Rupert's Deli featured on David Letterman.  We walked back to that area... hungry.... so we stopped to get a little something to eat at a Diner.  Worst decision that day.  The food was TERRIBLE!  We were so disappointed with our food, and still hungry, that we forgot to finish our search for Hello Deli (which we later realized we were only 1 block away from) So we went back to our hotel (taking the scariest and most life changing taxi ride of our lives... nearly killing numerous people, including ourselves) and we ordered a pizza to be delivered to our room! It was amazing!
And yes, we ate it in our hotel room! Sitting on our beds! Yum!

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