Thursday, July 21, 2011

Road Trip in the "RB"

My parents recently bought an RV.  Our annual Wilson Family Vacation was coming up, and the kids and I were planning on driving up to Northern Minnesota to Cass Lake.... Nick was unable to take the time off due to his "boss's" busy schedule.  I guess no one thought I could drive that distance with the kids (hello, I'm 30, pretty sure I can handle that).  So...

My dad and his friend left Iowa on a Wednesday at 10am.  Less then 2 hours into their road trip out to Virginia, they blew a tire... add 3 hours to getting new tires, then they were back on the road. Exactly 24 hours after they departed on their journey, driving non stop, they arrived in Stafford Thursday late morning!

We went to Trevor and Addison's Vacation Bible School Program, loaded up the "RB" as the kids called it, and headed out very early Friday morning.  The kids had a blast in the "RB"!

Yes that's McKenzie sitting in Tyler's carseat...drinking a Monster.

 The coolest place to be was up above the cab... they thought it was so cool looking out the window!

"Pretending" to sleep with Mommy.
It was another nonstop trip (only stopping for fuel) until we reached our final destination! I don't know how Dad and his buddy did it!!!

We were so excited to be at the lake!

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