Thursday, July 7, 2011

Giraffe Pool

Summer is definitely here... Just days into June the temps skyrocketed into the 90s... so we filled up the pool for the kiddos and let them cool off in the water.  Addison fell in love with the giraffe. So did Tyler.
 But mostly Addison.

 You could hook the hose up to the small giraffe tail and it sprayed water out... Tyler liked that feature best of all! As long as he was on the contols!

 Addison kissing the giraffe.

 The Addison Thumbs Up!

With my kiddos personalities... you can only imagine how much fun it can be to try to get a GOOD group picture of all of them.  There is always AT LEAST one who is unwilling to participate or cooperate and smile nice!

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Anonymous said...

Addison kissing the giraffe...LOL!

Julie S.