Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dinner & Lunch with Friends

Mom's friend, Toni and her daughter, Allison came over for supper the other night. We had a great supper provided by a friend in the squadron, and then we played cards and drank wine.

Here is a late night group picture (and by late night, I mean, oh, 8:30PM) because I think I 'turned in' soon after this picture was taken.... and I think the rest of them played cards some more!

Tuesday, when Tyler was one week old (already!?!), we drove down to Waikiki and met Toni and Allison at the Shore Bird Restaurant along the beach for Toni's birthday.

Here is Addison saying CHEEEEESE & another appearance of grandma's glasses.
Trevor enjoying the cherries in his Shirley Temple & another CHEEESE moment.
Tyler in his new outfit from Grandma Sharon
He slept from the time we left the house, all through lunch, and the entire drive back home. It was nice. I didn't have to worry about nursing him until we got back home.

Mom snapped a quick group shot of us all at the table. Not everyone was looking at the camera, though...

Toni & Mom

Trevor and Allison.
He talked her poor ear off the entire lunch. They had great conversations. After we ate, I took Trevor to the restroom. Before we left the table, he turned to Allison and said: "We'll talk later, I have to go to the bathroom!" It was too cute!

Mom and Toni posing with the "chef" at the salad bar.

Toni, Mom & Trevor with Diamond Head in the background.

Addison moments after leaving the restaurant.

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Ladners'Latest said...

Cute post! Looks like you ladies (and gents) had fun.