Tuesday, August 18, 2009

He's Home!!!!!!

It was an early morning as we were up before 5am to get ready for Daddy's arrival! We got to the hangar just after 6am.... they were still putting up balloons, and setting up the food and bouncy houses. The plane was scheduled to land around 8am.

These are just SOME of the amazing banners that were hung in the hangar. A definite record for any homecoming for sure. There were well over 200! Thank you to all who took the time to make them!!! They all looked great!

Since we left so early, we didn't have breakfast at home. There was plenty to eat at the hangar... here are my banana babies.
And one McMuffin...

Jim & Julie's Banner from Iowa
(you guy's did a great job!)

Mom and Me

My mom and me and all the kids hanging out at the hangar while we all wait.
Trevor and Addison
Watching the plane come into view...
Almost time...
Watching the plane come around...
Waiting for the plane doors to open.
We had a few drawings before the plane arrived. One was for the "FIRST HUG/FIRST KISS" off the plane. Nope, I didn't win that one, but I DID win a free one hour massage AND a bottle of campaign!!

Another perk was that there were about 6 or 7 babies born during the deployment. All the new babies got to come in front of the gates and see their daddies come off the plane first!

Once they got the stairs up to the plane, they let the "new babies" and their families up closer. It was great! I didn't know we would be able to be so close!

THERE'S DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!

Reacquainting with daddy.
Tyler meeting Daddy for the first time.
and a quick hug for mommy.
Nick had gotten the kids gifts and had to unpack them right there in the hangar. One of the items unloaded was this....

My little "white russian"
(tee hee)

Finally warming up to daddy..

All together again.

Let's Go Home, Daddy...
We are enjoying a beautiful day at home (with Daddy!)...

Thank you so much Lesley for coming in so early and taking pictures for me! It was nice not having to balance baby AND a camera! You rock!


Jan said...

So happy everyone is together again!

Jim and Julie Turner said...

WHOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!! Praise be, Daddy/Nick is home! We are SOOOOO glad to see him and that you all are home together again! Can't wait to give you ALL big hug! See you soon!!

Ladners'Latest said...

So glad this deployment is over! Ain't it great having them home? Enjoy your long weekend together :)

Melissa Wilson said...

Welcome Home Nick! Have a wonderful weekend with your family :)