Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mama Called the Doctor...

Today was a big doctor appointment day!

Tyler went for his 2 week checkup, and Addison came along to check for allergies.
Tyler weighed in at 9 pounds 8 ounces... a whopping 2 pound gain from the 1st!!! The nurse practitioner was speechless.... she looked at his chart several times in disbelief at how big he was already! She said "Wow, he's so solid! He looks more like a 2 month old rather than a 2 week old!" Yay me!
Grandma & Addison waiting for the doctor.

As for Addison, she had a few obvious signs of allergies and so we stopped by the lab after our appointment and did a blood draw to check for allergies. We'll go back next week to see what she is allergic to and go from there!


Lesley and Zachary said...

What a bruiser! Love that picture with Trevor and Addison giving him a smooch.

Ginny said...

Two pounds in two weeks, wow. Is he prepping for the Marines already???