Tuesday, August 4, 2009

McKenzie's 1st Day of 6th Grade

(GULP!) 6th grade!!!! Yesterday was McKenzie's first day back to school. She is the "big man" on campus. The elementary schools here generally go up to 6th grade.

She was excited to get back to see her friends. The 8 weeks of summer sure did fly by, though! She has been enjoying hanging out with Grandma the past couple weeks. Sunday, she and Grandma met Toni and her daughter at the swap meet. With Mommy back at home with the littles, there was no one there to control her ever so popular "Grandma, can I have...." So she came home with all kinds of goodies, which included her NEON HAWAII shirt. And it matched her neon converse shoes PERFECTLY!

Trevor has KinderKamp this week Mon-Wed-Fri, so he has to wait to ride the bus until next week when he will start full days. So, in the meantime, he sat at the window and watched for the bus.
Here it is!!!
Later that morning, Trevor and I went to the school for about an hour so he could do some Kindergarten screening. He met his teacher and got asked all kinds of questions and did some vocabulary testing, etc. He said he had a fun time! Wednesday, Grandma is going to go to orientation day. Mommy won't be able to stay away from baby Tyler that long. I think they'll have a great time! Stay tuned...

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Jim and Julie Turner said...

WOW, Kenzie, you look FABULOUS!! But 6th grade, already??!! Hope you're having fun in KinderKamp, Trev! You're sure growing up fast too!! :)