Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mommy, I have another Grandma Here!!! (and a grandpa)

This afternoon the boys and I picked up Nick's parents at the airport. As we walked in the house, Trevor yells out "I have another Grandma here!!!" I guess he thought it was pretty neat to have both Grandma's at his house.

Tyler was happy to meet his Grandma and Grandpa Turner.... here is Grandma Judy holding Tyler for the first time.
And surprisingly, Addison warmed up to Grandpa Larry instantly. She has been trying to communicate with him, but poor Grandpa hasn't mastered Addi Talk yet.
They brought 48 ears of sweet corn and a carry on bag full of fresh garden tomatoes... all from their garden back in Iowa. YUMMMMY!

So.. guess what we had for supper? Sweet corn and sliced tomatoes... oh and some other items, but those didn't matter. All the kids (plus McKenzie's pal Katelyn) helped Grandpa husk the corn out on the back lanai!

Bayfest is going on this weekend on the Marine Base so my friend Alaina took McKenzie and Katelyn to the Black Eyed Peas Concert, and Andrew stayed with us and played with Trevor.

The boys had a blast together playing outside, chasing Addison before bed, watched a movie, and played puppets.

Here the boys dug out all the train bridges and lined them up on the floor.
Then all of a sudden they were standing at the front door, hands in pockets, just talking about stuff. So stinkin' cute!
Trevor cashed out around 1030 PM on the couch... and Andrew stood at the door a while waiting for his mama. Then he decided to retire to the rug under my dining table... apparently that was a little more comfortable. I promise I offered to rock him or let him lay on the couch before he ended up on the rug.
But now that he's there, I'm afraid to wake him up... poor baby! He played too hard tonight! Mama's on her way!!!


Ladners'Latest said...

Aww the hands in the pocket picture is too cute! Thanks again for watching him. And it cracks me up that he fell asleep on the rug. Crazy kid!

Jim and Julie Turner said...

Super cute pics! Love it that so many are there to help you and greet Nick coming home!! We're living for your blog updates now - (no pressure... really! :) Hugs to everyone from Iowa!!

Jan said...

Well I can see how you all rate, all we got was a few tomatoes! LOL

Now u know I am only kidding so enjoy and what a homecoming Nick will have! Have a wonderful time!