Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Riding the Bus

Trevor had half days of (Junior) Kindergarten on Friday and Monday. BUT... Today was his first full day of Kindergarten AND his first day to ride the bus. He was so excited to get to ride the bus. Luckily, the elementary goes up to 6th grade, so he and McKenzie take the same bus! She is able to walk him to his classroom and then pick him up and walk him to the bus after school too!

She seems pretty happy to do that too! She isn't embarrassed, and Trevor even tells me she waves at him when they pass each other on campus! She even came down to hug him today during snack time outside! What a great big sister!!!

Here they are waiting for the bus!

"Hi Mom!"

My Little Buddy helping me watch for the bus... okay, so maybe she would prefer to pick flowers.

Last night when I tucked Trevor into bed, he was all giggly and excited about his big day of riding the bus. This morning he went in to McKenzie's room at 6:30am and woke her up to tell her he was SO EXCITED TO RIDE THE BUS TODAY! He got dressed all by himself, and then had breakfast down and backpack strapped on and ready to go well before the bus was expected!

You can also see in the video how proud he was to hold his very own bus pass. He even made sure the bus driver saw it real good when he boarded the bus! So cute!

My little man is growing up!!!


Jim and Julie Turner said...

CONGRATULATIONS, TREVOR!!! Big Man on Campus!! Whoo Hoooo!!!! And what a GREAT sister you are McKenzie! We're SO impressed with both of you! :) Hugs to all!

Ladners'Latest said...

Trevor IS growing up. I teared up a little bit watching the video. I still see him as the little chubby-cheeked 9 month old hanging out at my house. *tear* Now he's old enough to go to SCHOOL?! And McKenzie is so good to him!

Lesley and Zachary said...

"All right, we'll talk later!" Trevor is a man of few words, apparently. (:

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I can remember him just a few days old snuggled up on Nick's chest. Where does the time go?

Julie S.

Anonymous said...

Hey Trevor Have a great time at School. Mckenzie you rock as a Big Sister.... enjoy your time now when they are teenagers they only talk to you when they need $$ Give Addi and Tyler a smooch from us


Melissa Wilson said...

Way too cute of a story! Your a great big sis McKenzie!

Anonymous said...

What a great a experience. McKenzie I loved the shirt you wore. That is awesome. Now, I have to get you some Columbus gear.