Friday, August 28, 2009

Tyler is One Month Old

Tyler is one month old today! It's hard to believe! Part of me feels like it was only yesterday that he was born, and yet, things have been so busy and we have had a lot going on this past month, that it seems like he has always been with us!

Tyler went to his one month checkup this morning and weighed in at just under 12 pounds! He's in the 90th percentile on weight, and 50th percentile on his height!

We did decide, however, that he has a bit of reflux. The past week or so he has been more fussy, spitting up quite a bit, and not sleeping as well. The doctor also noticed that he arched his back during his examination, and I mentioned he clears his throat a lot when he's laying flat. We are going to start him on some medication to help with that. We'll see how it goes!

Other than the reflux, we have a very healthy & happy & hefty baby!!!


Jim and Julie Turner said...

Ahhhhhh, super cute! How can he be a month old already?!! He sure has grown a lot too. Happy baby, that's for sure! :) Hugs to everyone in Paradise!

Jan said...

you have got to be kidding, 12 lbs? Kalli is just about 18 lbs at10 months....Tyler will pass her quickly if he keeps up that weight gain!