Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She's Here... Tropical Storm Felicia

Yesterday Hurricane Felicia (now downgraded to Tropical Depression Felicia) rolled into the islands. She brought clouds and rain, and a little wind!

It seems just like any old rain storm, so no big deal here!

I laid on the couch with Tyler hoping to rest for a while... when along comes Trevor saying "Hey, I was thinking of doing the same thing!" and hopped on the couch with us... Then of course Addison sees all the fun, and didn't want to miss out either, so SHE climbed up on the couch with us! So McKenzie grabbed the camera and took a few pics! (Thank goodness she did that instead of jumping on the couch... I don't know where she would have fit!)

Smoochies for the little man!
Here is Felicia yesterday afternoon rolling in! Normally you can see the mountains from our upstairs lanai!
And here is our ocean view! Isn't it... um... gorgeous!?

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Ladners'Latest said...

Guess you guys kept all the rain on your side. Still waiting for some wetness over here in the desert!