Monday, February 1, 2010

Garage/Paint Station

This is what Nick and I did last night. We primed and painted the first coat on the cubby shelf.... and Nick sanded down an old bedroom set of his that we brought to VA with us from IA. McKenzie is going to be using it. I did most of the painting while Nick fed Tyler some supper, and a bottle, and put him to bed. {Love him!}
I finished the bedside table for McKenzie... just needs some new hardware!!! It's all turning out so much better than I pictured! It looks like a brand new bedroom set!!!
I still have to do a second coat on a few bedroom set pieces, and a second coat on the cubby shelf. It's so cold in the garage now, and I don't know how to crank up the heater in there, nor do I dare try!

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Anonymous said...

Wished I lived a little closer so I could help. Looks great!

Julie S.