Friday, February 26, 2010

Pink Medicine

Today I made my 3rd trip to the clinic on base in the past 8 days. Today was Addison's turn to see the doctor. I wish they could just see all my kids in one visit. It sure would save me a lot of pain. But that would have been too convenient for me....

Anyways, I've pretty much been given the same diagnosis for all the kiddos. Ear infection, antibiotics x 10 days, and see me back in 3 weeks. And for Trevor and Addison, an addition bottle of Claritin for their congestion/ear fluid/allergies. So... after 3 doctor visits for 3 separate kids, and 3 ear infections later, here is what you see when you open my fridge.....
They should have just given me the pharmacy stock jug of amoxicillin.

*And is it bad that I love that Claritin makes them sleepy? Perfect bedtime medicine!

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