Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Snow Snow... and No Power

Well, we lost power about 3:10PM this afternoon. Trevor and McKenzie were still over at the neighbors. Soon after, our neighbor was snow blowing our driveway. So, Nick went out to help him and move his snow covered truck out of the driveway. But with about 20 inches of snow, he had to use his push broom to uncover it.
So we watched from the window, Addison and me.

Then we watched the push broom break. The handle snapped right off. So then we watched Nick brush off the truck with just the broom head. Poor Nick.
And then he barreled through the snow drift at the end of the driveway.

Look how deep the snow is!
Tyler was happy to just SIT and play inside next to the {gas} fireplace.
Addison loved sitting in the window watching the snow shoot out the snow blowers, and keeping an eye on her Daddy.
But it wasn't long before I bundled her up to go exploring with the other kids.

Addison, McKenzie, Maliah

I did actually go outside for pictures... but I had the zoom lens on so I wouldn't have to go too far. Addison picked out her hat. Look familiar Jim? {Longfellow Drilling}

"I'm COLD!"

This is what my mantle looked like when it got dark, loaded with candles, when we had no electricity. Nick and Poncho (our neighbor) took the truck out to see if Lowe's or Home Depot were open, which they weren't, and stopped to pick up Chinese food for supper. As soon as we got the candles situated and flashlights set just right so that we could eat at the table....
the power came back on! So we were only without for about 4.5 hours. Let's just hope it stays on all night. The snow has stopped as of 8pm tonight and I think that is all we are supposed to get for this round.


Ladners'Latest said...

Wow! That is a LOT of snow. It's beautiful though!

Ginny said...

Ditto on the WOW comment. And I'm glad the power was only off for 4 hours. Still makes me smile to see the kids all bundled up and enjoying the snow.