Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blizzard 2010 - Virginia

In case you havent' heard. Virginia is in a state of EMERGENCY!!!!! It's completely ridiculous if you ask me. It's snowing. That's it. But people are F-REAK-ING out! The grocery stores were bombarded the day before the storm came. Milk, bread, produce, batteries... etc. ALL GONE. It's the end of the Earth as we know it. At least for this area.

It started snowing Friday morning around 1oam. And it hasn't stopped.

Here is a view out the kitchen doors looking out onto the deck.
Here is the snow on our deck. Nick guesstimates we have about 16-18 inches so far.

Here is Nick's truck in the front driveway. Both neighbors across the street have had their snowblowers out twice now. Once at 10PM last night... and again this morning around 11am. How many times has Nick been out to scoop snow? 0. But we aren't going anywhere, so what's the point. It's just going to build up again anyways.
Out the front door.
Our front porch.
Back yard. Sorry, but I took these out the window. I'm not going outside to take better pictures. It's cold.
My boys. Well, 2 outta 3.
Trevor and McKenzie are bundling up to tretch down the sidewalk to play with the neighbors... Addison wanted to go too.
We'll keep you posted. Some town in Maryland reported 34 inches so far. Not sure what the official report is for this area. But I'm pretty sure we'll all make it through this! Seriously.

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