Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend at Gaylord National Harbor

13 guys from Nick's squadron were getting promoted, so they had a party at a piano bar outside of D.C. called Bobby McKeys. (You might even recognize a couple gals on the front page slide show before next weekend (steph & felicia)!

We stayed at a beautiful hotel called Gaylord National.
We packed up the kids and headed up early afternoon around check in time so the kids could get some pool time in. I even dug out some swimming trunks for Tyler so he could get some splash time in.He loved the water... and cuddle time with Steph even more once he was out!
Nick and Addison peeking at me over the edge of the pool.... and Trevor too!
Then Addison was ready to get out... notice all the snow outside?!
This is what our room resembled (from the website) I forgot to take a picture before we got settled and pretty much destroyed it.
Our view from the 14th floor, waiting for the elevators.
Wilson Bridge... Nick flies over this bridge rather low quite frequently.
The best entertainment all weekend... Japanimation Convention at our hotel the same night we stayed. Had I had my camera the day we checked in... you would have seen many a freak shows. But Nick and I stood in the lobby just people watching ... and laughing... and "Ew!ing" Some people should not have been wearing the skimpy little costumes they were. Ick.
Nick caught some storm troopers coming up the escalator...

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Jan said...

looks like everyone was having a good time in the pool!