Thursday, February 11, 2010

Missing My Hawaii

We got a very special couple packages today in the mail.... from Hawaii!!! Our friends, the Paytons', stayed with us last week during our first big snow storm... We had such a great time. But they flew home right before this last big snow storm. Which means they are back in beautiful Hawaii... warm, ocean breeze, SUN....

But they sent us a little piece of Hawaii today. It makes me miss my Hawaii... and most of all, my Hawaii friends. The first package was full of yummy macadamia nut treats and local goodies. The kids LOVED LOVED LOVED opening this one up:And the second package came with a small challenge....
The flowers were GORGEOUS.. and TROPICAL!!!!! But they came in a long skinny box, and a little gold pot...which required me to 'create' a tropical arrangement. I consider myself a pretty crafty gal and wear many hats... but I'm not sure that I've ever brought out my florist cap. Nonetheless, I was SUPER EXCITED to give it a shot! Thank goodness the flowers came with a pamphlet of example pictures... (most helpful!)

So, a little red ginger flower here, a bird of paradise here, a couple anthuriums here and uh... here....some seaweed-looking greenery here, oh! and don't forget the ti leaves... and VOILA!
I LOVE IT! Makes me feel back at home in Hawaii!
Mahalo Gina and family! We are ever so grateful! We miss you and very much enjoyed spending time with you and the kiddos and 'grammy' too! Thank you for sending us a little piece of Hawaii during our blistering cold winter!!!! I smile every time I look at it! You guys are the best!


Melissa Wilson said...

Love the flowers! So beautiful! :)

Ladners'Latest said...

I just got back and the warmth is a very nice change!

Great job on the flowers....looks like you can open a florist right along side your bakery ;) Miss you!