Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wooden Bench II

First off, Nick would like me to point out all that it takes to make nice things out of wood... meaning, THIS IS WHAT I NEED TO MAKE THINGS YOU WANT.
Above was the aftermath.... below are the ingredients. Ladies, please note, that if you would like your man to build nice things for you, don't ever complain about the number of tools her has, or wants.
And in case you were wondering, I am pretty sure I have never complained about that. I think.

Remember the railings from this old old baby crib? Well, I finally got a few minutes to stain and put on a couple clear coats...

Here's how it started out.
Nick had to sand each little spindle by hand...
All put together and ready to be stained waiting for me for a couple days....

Nick went and bought a nice router so he is very proud of the edges on this piece!
The finished product!
Love it!


Jan said...

very very nice!

Anonymous said...

Great job by both of you!

Julie S.