Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Party & Art

The kids FINALLY made it back to school today. They haven't been since the 4th of February! All because of snow! They were even delayed 2 hours today... but at least they went!

McKenzie takes electives in 6th grade. They switch every 6 weeks. She just completed art! They got to play with clay and make some things! She brought home this cute and colorful monkey and it's little bitty baby! She did an awesome job! I have them sitting in my kitchen window, and they are so cute! They make me smile.
And since they have been out for nearly 2 weeks, Trevor had his Valentine's Party today. It was supposed to be last week, but it kept getting delayed. (Thank you snow)

For his party, he had to make a mailbox and decorate it. (no picture) He also helped me make some fun can valentines for his 9 other classmates. We taped on his Cars valentine pencils to the side. (Trevor's idea)

He also helped me put together a couple valentine cookie bouquets for his teachers.
And if that wasn't enough... he was on the snack schedule for this week. Normally you make snacks that coordinate with the letter of the week, but since we didn't know what letter they would be working on... I just did some valentine treats! So we made pink/white/red swirly cupcakes with heart cookies and heart wafers on top. They were a huge hit! Yay! His teacher said they were the BEST cupcakes EVER!


Anonymous said...

OK, I gain five pounds just looking at the cupacakes... I want you to adopt my kids too.



Ladners'Latest said...

Oh my! They ARE the best cupcakes EVER! :) totally cute.

balstad said...

Those yummy treats look GREAT!!! you need to ship some our way!!!