Sunday, August 22, 2010


Sunday my parents and the kids and I met my Uncle Steve, Aunt Jan, Cousin Matt and his wife Megan and their two kiddos at the Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville, IA.

We met for lunch and then walked around the mall.

Rylie & Addison (quite a pair!)
Does anyone else think they look like a young Katy & Kimberly?

Grandma with Tyler and Trevor

Tyler with "Great" Uncle Steve

Grandma & Tyler

Trevor, Addison & Rylie burning up quarters in the quarter cars.

We took two rides on the carousel!
Tyler even rode on it once. Although he wasn't a big fan, because every time we would go UP, his grip would tighten on my arm... when we would come back down, he'd loosen it... UP.. TIGHT! Down, loosen.
Matt, Rylie, Grandma & Addison
After our time at the mall, we headed north a few miles to stop by my friend Kelly's house to see her family. Her son Oliver is almost 2! The kids had a great time playing together while we caught up!

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