Monday, August 2, 2010

Cass Lake, MN - Part 3


The kids loved fishing off the dock, even if they never caught anything, or just caught throw backs! They even caught some clam shells at the bottom of the lake with the big net.
Trevor and his cousin Dylan had a great system for catching clam shells and NOT falling in the lake.
Nick enjoyed getting their poles ready...
My sister Angie put together her 2nd annual scavenger hunt for the little kids. Here, Trevor and Dylan pose for a little team rivalry shot!
Team Red: Hannah, Madison & Trevor
Team Green: Alaina, Dylan & McKenzie
Team Red figuring out their first clue... these clues led them all over the resort, AND, sometimes they even had to call on adults to help them by driving them in town to the library, AND hop on a boat to take them to different areas of the lake where there next clues were waiting.
The last clue for both teams were on the island in the middle of the lake... and sure enough, Uncle Jeromy and Grandpa Bob were driving the boats, coming in neck and neck...
and then Grandpa Bob turned in and cut Uncle Jeromy off for the (questionable disqualification) or WIN for the Red Team.
Winners got a tasty treat, and the losers got the treat ON THEM! The winning team made up whip cream pies and slammed them in the faces of the losers... but, since the boat race brought up some questionable turn of events, the losers got to put pies in the faces of the winners as well. Neither team seemed to mind!

McKenzie getting Madison
Aftermath of Madison getting McKenzie

The kids enjoying their winnings...
Wednesday, Tyler celebrated his 1st birthday up at the lake! We woke up with a big bowl of oatmeal... (I made it in a giant bowl so it wouldn't overflow in the microwave) but my mom thought it would make a great picture.
Another big tradition during the week is a big breakfast with ALL our family! While my aunt and uncle made biscuits and gravy, my brother in law Jeromy and Nick cracked over 70 eggs for some MADE TO ORDER OMELETS. We also went through 6 packages of bacon!
And what's a birthday without a sneaky bite of your brother's ice cream cone???
And if that wasn't enough food to last you for a day... that night, we had the big FISH FRY from all the fish we caught the first few days...

Addison tickling PaPa Bob.
The women folk getting batter on the fish.

Are those fish fingers, Angie???
All the guys sit around the fryers and ...fry? (or drink)
Tyler chillin' with Uncle Danny and Aunt Brookie (Meridith)
Uncle Jeromy, Tyler, Daddy & Tom
My cousin Brandon fryin' up some fish with the help of his assistants Madison & McKenzie.
Look who started standing on his own....
Thursday was the big fishing trip to Lake Windigo. It's the ONLY secluded lake inside an island in North America. 9 of us got up at 4am to load up our 3 aluminum boats to head out for a day of fishing. Once we arrive at our destination, we have to unload the boats and drag them across the land into the opening of the lake. (And by we I mean the guys) I was there for moral support, and with 8 guys, I would have just been in in the way, right?
We started off around #5 on the left of the lake in Sunset Cove in Allen's Bay. Lake Windigo in in the center of the map inside Star Island.

We returned back at the docks with our catch around 11:30am, ready to show off our fish!

Check out my lovely Bass!

Me and the guys with our "Catch(es) of the Day"
My brother thought it would be funny to hold up the smallest sunfish in the bunch (far right).
We brought in over 70 sunfish, 25 bass, a few Crappie & Walleyes and about half a dozen Northerns (Nick caught one of those Northerns).

The kids entertained themselves with hair paint while we were gone...

It was a great week and we missed it as soon as we left it! Can't wait until next year!!!

Our family left Friday evening to head down to Minneapolis to stay for the night. A little stomach bug was going around the resort the last few days and sure enough, 2 miles from our hotel that night, McKenzie turned around in the van and asked for a bag... to spare you the details, you can imagine the mess we had to clean up when all I could grab in time was a very thin paper Arby's sack... which didn't hold up very well.

We pulled over for a quick cleanup, then headed to our hotel where we were handed non working key cards, which still didn't work after Nick went down 3 floors to the front desk TWICE to fix before they decided to just give us a new room. 45 minutes later, we were all finally in bed. *sigh* What a night.

Nick flew out early the next morning on the first flight back to DC. He landed at 10am before we even left our hotel! The kids and I drove the last 3.5 hours down to Colo where we will be spending the next couple weeks.


Anonymous said...

WOW!! What an awesome time you all had!! All those fish, games, skiing, boating, eating and drinking... We sure enjoyed seeing and reading all about it! Thanks so much for sharing!! :) Can't wait to see ya!
Uncle Jim and Aunt Julie

Ginny said...

Love the photos and the narrative Kim. Didn't know that Kenzie got sick too. Big bummer!

Ladners'Latest said...

How fun! This post makes me incredibly homesick! Not much longer!!

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