Sunday, August 22, 2010

Iowa State Fair - Food

There were lots of new items to try at the Iowa State Fair. And some classics we just couldn't pass up. The new thing this year was the FAIR SQUARE:
A classic was the Fresh Lemonades. I think we went through 4 or more of these...
We walked the entire fairgrounds 3 times over looking for this stinkin' CHICKEN KOOP that served "OCTADOGS".... Hot dogs that look like octopus' or is it octopi?
They definitely weren't what we thought... I was thinking battered and fried... but these were just boiled so the 'legs' would curl up.
*Note that the octodog only has 6 legs... wouldn't that make it a .... ?
Later on, we all tried some chocolate dipped (fill in the blank).
Notice the freshly dumped ice tea in the above photo.... mom, meridith thanks you for that, and also appreciated the non stop laughter you had after you 'accidentally' knocked it over.

Tyler enjoyed the chocolate dipped ice cream cookie with Meridith.
And what's a fair without Cotton Candy on a stick?
Enjoyed by all!
Monday was our last day in Iowa. So when we got home from the fair, the kids all got bathed and got their jammies on before we stopped by my grandpa's to say goodbye.

We left early that next morning on our 2 day drive back home to Virginia. My mom drove with us to help out with the kids and as a 2nd driver. I don't know how I could have made it (and stayed sane) without her!


Ladners'Latest said...

Kenzie is gorgeous! :) She's growing up way too fast. (give her a hug for me)

Ginny said...

All the food and fun and then the photos with Dad. Too much fun!!!