Saturday, August 28, 2010

Montgomery Gentry

Nick and Tyler and I went down to Celebrate Virginia Live last night for the Montgomery Gentry concert. It was a GORGEOUS evening! We went down in time to enjoy the opening bands:
While walking into the gate, we were stopped by a gal and a guy with a camera. She asked if we wanted to be in a commercial... sure?! They were making a TV commercial for the local radio station 93.3 WFLS. So I grabbed Tyler out of his stroller and we stood together and looked 'pretty' and were prompted to say: WFLS is perfect for the whole family!

So be watching for us!We got Gold Circle tickets which were a section in front of the stage, so they were great! We sat next to some really nice people. Right beside us was this elderly couple who sat quietly. The gentleman sat with his hands on his lap, periodically turning down his hearing aid. His wife, sat reading her novel, tapping her fingers to Bon Jovi between bands. Later during Montgomery Gentry the elderly lady stood up, took pictures with her camera and sang every word to "Hell Yeah"

Cracked. Me. Up!

The opening bands were pretty good:
John Luskey

and Troy Olsen:
Troy Olsen wrote "Just Hold On" for Blake Shelton.... and just released "It's A Summer Thing"

Tyler LOVED the music and was his own side show for the people around us!
He was standing on his chair, and just swinging his head like crazy. Each time we'd try to video him, he's STOP! You will see what I mean when he catches Daddy taping him...

I always have a hard time getting pictures at concerts, so I will apologize now for all the blurry pics!
aren't they both so handsome?!
We had a great time! Montgomery Gentry put on a phenomenal show!


Jim and Julie Turner said...

So now we can add TV Commercial Stars to your list of talents!! How cool! Can't wait to see it. And we LOVED Tyler swinging his little head to the tunes! HILARIOUS! Thanks, as always, for sharing!!
Jim & Julie

Ladners'Latest said...

You're famous! hehe What a fun night.