Sunday, August 8, 2010

Iowa Sweet Corn

Friday morning, my dad and I, and Addison and Trevor drove over to the edge of the field by the house to pick some sweet corn. My mom wanted to freeze some while it was still in it's prime!!!

So, while dad tossed ears of corn from out of the field, the kids and I caught them and loaded up 3 tubs full in the back of the truck.

We dumped them out in the front yard in the shade and ALL the kids and I starting husking!

Dylan & Trevor amongst the delicious corn...
Trevor counting the ears...
Even Addison had fun husking for a while, as long as I started it for her.
But it wasn't long before the little ones started needing 'breaks':

like drinking juice boxes...
posing for the camera...
or just swinging from the tree branches (Dylan)
But then it was BACK TO WORK!!!
Here's the corn all ready to head into the kitchen for cleaning and cutting:
And of course, we saved a few ears for lunch! Tyler had fun gnawing on an ear or two!
Four hours later, we had 31 quart bags full of corn headed to the freezer! Yum!


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Ginny said...

It doesn't look like you saved any for me for this weekend. Bummer!