Monday, August 2, 2010

It's A Family Tradition

My mom has been wanting to get a family picture done like this for a while. Some of you may know that my sister's husband is a die hard Cyclones fan, and so are their two kids. However, you aren't a Wilson unless you love the hawks, therefore, we are A FAMILY DIVIDED:
And here is the ever so lovely Turner family!

Last year they started making t-shirts for everyone. So this year they did it again. The front reads It's A Family Tradition. Cass Lake, MN

The entire Wilson Family (37) who made it up to the lake this year + a couple extras!

My grandpa with the grandkids
Grandpa with the great-grandkids

My (Kim's) entire family
My grandpa with his 4 kids
Ginny, Keith, Dad & Merle
And these two handsome devils are Trevor & Dylan.

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Jim and Julie Turner said...

LOVE IT!!!!!! (Especially the Cyclone-Hawk pic!! tee hee!!)