Sunday, November 14, 2010

Birthday Weekend

This weekend McKenzie had 3 friends over for her early 13th birthday celebration.  We spent the weekend at Massanutten Resort.  Nick took the 4 girls who talked nonstop on the 2 hour ride in his truck...
 And I took the little kids in the van.  Which included a vomiting incident in the van.... and once again outside of the van just before going into the water park... must have been those curvy roads in the mountains....

We took them to Massanutten Resort's Water Park all day on Saturday.  But since water and electronics don't mix too well, I don't have much to show for the fun filled day... with the exception of Trevor's 3rd round on the Surf Rider. 

I know you can't see him behind that body board, but that's him back there...
 And he was off! 

 He looked like little pro going side to side! I was so proud!
 He was so proud of himself!
 Daddy and Tyler watched from the warm pool nearby!
 Later that night, we gorged ourselves with pizza in our hotel rooms and then sang happy birthday with Sesame Street monster and zebra cupcakes... (I made the sesame street cupcakes for the little kids, but I guess they were just as popular with the big kids!)
 Make a wish!
 McKenzie and her friends!
The next morning I took the girls horseback riding through the beautiful woods on the resort! Ashleigh's mellow horse "Willow" led the way, McKenzie's horse "Skylar" never got out of first gear, Maliah's little horse "Jose" stayed right on McKenzie's tail, Katelyn's horse broke large amounts of wind throughout the trail, and guess who got to be behind that horse? Me! On my stubborn horse "Henry", who got sick of me telling him to back off the horse in front of him and did as he pleased.

Other than that.. we had a great ride! It was a gorgeous morning (60 degrees) and riding through the trails and seeing all the pretty fall colors was a perfect start to our day! Very relaxing! (Minus the horse farts)

While us girls were off with the horses, Daddy took the little ones swimming again at the rec center and played arcade games! Do you just love the face Tyler makes whenever you bring out a camera?


Ladners'Latest said...

OH how fun!

Anonymous said...

Horse farts...LOL! Sounds like y'all had a fabulous weekend!

Julie S.

Ginny said...

Okay, I just have to say that your description of the horse ride reminds me of a few horse riding trips in Minnesota.