Monday, November 29, 2010

Tyler's First Hair Cut

My sweet 16 month old Tyler waited to get his first haircut done by his Grandpa Larry while we were back home.  His big brother got his first haircut done by Grandpa, so we had to carry on the tradition.
 AND... his adorable curls were starting to take on the mullet look.
 As you can see, Tyler was less than thrilled with the idea, so it took a few hands to keep him still while Grandpa attempted to cut off his curls.

 There were lots of tears... (from Tyler as well... sniff sniff)
 For all the squirming and screaming, Grandpa did a pretty good job!  We still need to trim up a few spots, so you don't get an after photo just yet. But the little curls are all gone! (Kept safe in a little baggie!)

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