Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turner Mountain Parade

Nick helped his family move his dad's helicopters from his grandparent's farm, to the new building at his parents, up on Turner Mountain.  It took lots of planning, but on day one they successfully moved 2 small Bell 47 G5 helicopters from one hangar to another...
 Day 2's mission was to move the H-34
 With police escort in front and behind, the Turner parade began... it took them one hour to go 8 miles but they made it.
With such a large family, it takes a LOT of people to tear bread to make enough dressing to feed the Turner family! Uncle Philip was kind enough to share his knowledge and tradition of tearing the bread with Trevor (and Cousin Mark). 
By the time they were done, they tore up 4 loaves of bread and filled up two extra large Tupperware bowls.

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