Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksmas (as said by Danny)

We made it to Iowa Saturday afternoon to spend time with our families for Thanksgiving! We are starting our week off in Colo, Iowa at my folks. We celebrated both Thanksgiving and Christmas on Sunday.

We had a wonderful feast and then nibbled on leftovers the rest of the day until we opened our Christmas gifts in the evening.

I bought a small magnetic travel chess set for Trevor the other day. He enjoys puzzles and mazes, and things that make him think, so I thought he would really enjoy learning to play chess.

I had to refresh my memory of the game, but luckily, my brother knows how to play and he took the time to play with Trevor.

 It was amazing how well he was able to remember how each piece could move and how he analyzed not only his next move, but the moves of Danny's pieces.  In fact, Danny referred to one of the pieces "the horse" and Trevor corrected him by telling him it was called "a knight".
You'll be entertained to know that Trevor did better than I did at playing against Danny!

I didn't get much for pictures taken during the chaos of opening gifts, but you can catch a few of Tyler on my sister-in-law's blog.

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Melissa Wilson said...

Ha... Cute! He will be a great little chess player for sure! :)