Monday, November 29, 2010

Turner Mountain Thanksgiving

After a few short days in Colo, Iowa, we loaded up again and drove a little over 2 hours to Nick's parents on "Turner Mountain" in SW Iowa.  Preparing for a Turner Thanksgiving feast takes a lot of work.  Judy (Nick's mom) and I worked in the kitchen for what seemed like 2 days straight!  Nick's brother shared his tradition of tearing the bread for the stuffing with Trevor... I think he did a pretty good job.  They tore up 4 loaves of bread and filled 2 huge bowls.
 With cousins to play with, you can imagine all the running around the kids did while we were there.  Addison fell asleep in the chair one night, and the next night, she crawled up on Daddy's lap around 6pm and cashed out for the night.
 Tyler found out he could roll his tongue... a new talent none of us knew he had.
 How I missed the photo op with everyone around the table eating our meal, I don't know.... but afterwards, Nick and his brother Phil and the kids played some poker.
 And Tyler slid around on the kitchen floor.

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