Saturday, November 6, 2010

Family Pictures

Yesterday we were FINALLY able to coordinate a few hours with Nick home to get some family photos taken! His schedule has been super crazy these past few weeks and I was beginning to think we would never be able to get these done!

Amber Reinink, a friend of mine whom I met in Hawaii, does a fabulous job and actually took pictures for us when our family consisted of just me, Nick, McKenzie and Trevor! Wow, what did I ever do with myself with just two kids!?

And since we hadn't done any family portraits since we've had Addison and Tyler, we were WELL over due! I'm so thankful she was able to work with Nick's insane schedule!

If you are needing a photographer for your upcoming event, you should definitely look up Amber Reinink Photography! She travels to you! She is amazing! And she even went along with all of Nick's ideas for spots to take pictures.... including this one...

There was this tree that had uprooted and fallen over the murky pond behind us. So Nick spots it and says: "Hey lets all sit on this!" (My mind went back to the time he asked me to lay on the hammock with him in Hawaii when I was 9 months pregnant with Trevor.  And as soon as my big pregnant booty got in, we went down. Broke the hammock and were laying on the ground.) So you can imagine my horror excitement as we all started lining up on the fallen log!
Look at all those blonde babies! 
Nick says I stick out like a sore thumb with my dark hair!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pic of the family!

Julie S.

Ladners'Latest said...

Aww, I remember those first set of pictures. These look fabulous! (Love the green and brown)

Jan said...


Anthony said...

Great pictures! How precious!

Anonymous said...

I guess you better change your hair color!
~ Sue