Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Well, I did it! I made all 3 of my kids' costumes this year! It was no easy job, either, so next year we are drawing straws to see who gets a home made costume...because I am not doing all 3 again. That, or I need to start now for next year!

We are still dog sitting our little Chaquita, so McKenzie wanted to be Dorothy from "Wizard of Oz" so she could carry Chaquita around in a basket...which she did for about half the night. Then some scary guy tried to pet her and she took off down the sidewalk. (I didn't blame her) She came right back to McKenzie, though.

Trevor wanted to be Wyatt the Super Reader from PBS' Super Why. This costume was the worst, because I had NO pattern to work with. All the costumes online were sold out, and anything close to a superhero pattern at all the walmarts and fabric marts were OUT! Go figure. Reason #583 why "Hawaii Ain't All That According to Kim": Horrible Costume Selection.

But, I got it done.

And my little Addi was a ladybug. This was the easiest. I made the tutu a couple months ago. And could not find a black onsie or leotard to save my life, so luckily my mom found one and it arrived...TODAY! YAY...just in time! Thank you Mom! You saved the day. Otherwise it was going to have to be a red Speedo swimsuit underneath.

Addison the Ladybug

We met up with Sherree and Hudson and Hannah at their house on base to start trick or treating. Addi sat right in her stroller, head piece and all, and was so good ALL NIGHT! She didn't mess with her antenae at all!
It probably didn't hurt that she had something to munch on all night.

Our first stop was Mike & Julie's.

Here is little Tinkerbell (aka Hannah)

Sherree & Hannah
(ducking out of the light rain we had starting out)

Smiling for the camera in the dark!
And after a few blocks, she was out! So cute!
We even met up with the Attwoods!
Wyatt (The Hulk)
Kristina (80's Workout Girl)
Annie (the world's largest dog)
& Kelly (Mechanic)

After trick or treating for a while, I caught the boys together for a quick picture.
Hudson, Sherree & Sleeping Hannah
We ended at Julie's to check out our stash. Trevor's bucket was filled to the brim. Even Addison was checking out his loot!

And we had a little fun with the chocolate eyeballs.
Julie, McKenzie & Trevor

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Lesley and Zachary said...

Everyone looks so adorable in their costumes! Kim, you are a superhero yourself for making everything. If I want to get something done for Daniel for next year, I better start now.

Anytime you want to get together, I'm free! Well, after this Thursday anyway (that's when my sister leaves). And you can hold the little man all you want, but he is pretty squirmy these days!