Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

For Thanksgiving this year, the Turner Family traveled to the western coast of Oahu. We gathered at the home of the Ladner's in Waianae along with several other friends in the squadron. It was a beautiful day and even though we couldn't be with our families on this holiday, it was the next best thing being able to spend it with out "Ugly" family.
Addison got to wear a new outfit that had been hanging in her closet for months....and she kept the matching headband on for a little while....until she remembered it was still there. Then off it went. I don't know what it was, but she was a walking maching all day long! It must have been the soft carpet!! :)
After dinner the girls and I snapped a quick photo. Nick was playing poker with the boys, and Trevor was somewhere in the house playing with Little Andrew.
Addison played with her buddy Wyatt and they were even gave each other kisses...we are going to have to watch these two!
Trevor and Andrew managed to steal some extra poker chips and send them down the shop vac attachment. Hours of fun! These two were inseperable all day long!
Alaina and Drew put on a great feast! There was so much food, that Alaina was urging us all to take leftovers home, and I did! I refused to leave without any of her grandad's cornbread dressing! YUM! There was so much food, I didn't even get to try it all!

I am thankful we were able to spend today with our friends! Thank you Drew & Alaina!

Tomorrow will be another fun day! We are headed to the waterpark for McKenzie's birthday party!

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