Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Daddy's Home!

After 49 days in Yuma, Nick finally returned home on Monday! We picked him up from the airport. Trevor screamed "Daddy!" and ran to him the second he saw Nick....Addison, however, was a little slow in responding, but it wasn't long before she was accepting his extra attention!

Nick had a long day of flying, so I think he was more than happy to read Trevor his bedtime stories...and "scratch me-rub me-lay with me" as Trevor says:

This morning, after a few rounds on the Wii, we packed up our toys and walked to the park. We played just about every sport there is:



Trevor took a break from playing and pulled Addi in the wagon while Mommy and Daddy both played with Kenzie. I'm not sure who enjoyed this more...Addi, or Trevor!

We even brought Molly along. She did pretty good.


We got invited to stop by a little BBQ in Kailua this afternoon. It was fun, and the food was great, and best of all, it meant that I didn't have to cook supper! Yay! The guys had a boxer puppy that Trevor chased around the yard for hours! Kenzie impressed the Marines with her Guitar Hero skills, I got to have a drink...ok two...

and Addi even got to sit on a motorcycle!
Nick has to stop into work for a few hours tomorrow, and then he's off the rest of the week!

Nick is going to go on another field trip with Trevor on Friday to the Dole Plantation.

And...Guess what?! The Marine Corps Birthday Ball is Saturday! Stay tuned for that!!!

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