Sunday, November 9, 2008

McKenzie's CPAC Program Video

Now that I have figured out how to compress my videos to upload on our blog, I am going back and catching up on some things I wanted to share with you!

Way back in September, McKenzie's 5th grade class participated in a special program that her class had been working on for several weeks. Both the 5th grade class and the Hawaiian Emersion class from Puohala joined the 5th grade classes from another elementary schools in Kaneohe. Each class did a skit on different ways to 'GO GREEN'

Poop Patrol
Renewable Resources
Non-Renewable Resources
Rechargable Batteries

The Alliance for Drama Education in partnership with The Castle Performing Arts Center came into the school and worked with the kids.

Here is McKenzie's class doing


At the end, they all joined together and sang the Grand Finale

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Julie Turner said...

AWESOME JOB McKenzie!!! You looked and sounded great! Thanks for sharing :)
Uncle Jim & Aunt Julie