Friday, November 7, 2008

Addison Walking

I have been trying to send Nick little 15 second videos every now and then (because that is the length of videos my cell phone takes). They are so much more fun than pictures, and he can also set them as wallpaper on his own cell phone.

And now that Addison is really getting close to full blown walking, I had to take a quick one tonight before I put her to bed.

Not only is she taking steps when I stand her up, but yesterday she realized that she can do it on her own. She was standing at the couch, and I was sitting in the chair just a couple feet away. She let go of the couch, turned, and took a few steps over to me without me even encouraging her to.

She is so proud of herself when she walks. She just grins from ear to ear and usually laughs.

You can hear her giggle at the end of this video as she dives at me.
(The quality is poor because it was taken with my cell phone.)

Earlier tonight Trevor, McKenzie and I sat in a circle and had her walk back and forth between us. Poor McKenzie, I would set Addison up to walk to her, but every single time, Addison would turn and walk to her brother. Trevor just loves catching her when she walks to him. I think he feels like a VERY BIG BROTHER! Those two have really started bonding's so cute.

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Ladners'Latest said...

Oh I love it!! Can't wait to see her do it in person :)